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Frequently asked Questions

What kind of membership options do you have?

Currently we offer three membership types:

  1. Private Classes 600$ for 4 classes

  2. Unlimited Monthly Option at $220 per month

  3. Drop in Class costs $45

Private and small group classes are also available and can be arranged if interested please email

What are the payment options you offer?

Payment options include:

  1. Paylah

  2. Bank transfer

  3. Cash

If interested in buying a package online drop us a note  at and we will provide you detailed payment instruction.

What should I wear to my first class?

On your first day if you have a gi you can wear that if not just wear comfortable gym clothes with no zippers. No running shoes required.

Where can I buy a gi?

Ground23 sells basic gis (Adult Gi's are $140 and Kid's Gi's are $120 both adult and kids gis include a white belt) however when you sign up as a member you get a 20$ discount off those prices. You can also buy a gi online (ask us for what brands we recommend) or three local stores the MMA Shop, Decathalon and MMA in style.

Can I attend Equilibrium BJJ Classes?Yes as a member you are have access to all classes both those led by Ground23 BJJ or by Equilibrium MMA

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